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Fine Arts

PreK3-8th grade students have a multitude of opportunities for self-expression through the fine arts program in classrooms, studios, and spotlights. 

They learn to sculpt clay, compose music, write skits, run lights and sound, harmonize, and tell stories through dance. They draw social, cultural, and historic connections, finding new depth in their classroom lessons.

Music, dance, visual arts, and theatre are integrated into the Corbett Prep educational philosophy. Enrichment opportunities during and after school give students more experiences to embrace and develop their artistic talents. 

It is our hope that our students develop and strengthen personal creativity and self-confidence as they enjoy the creative process.

Fourth and fifth graders in Moana sing in costume on stage.

Arts Events

Middle School Thespians in Newsies hold up newspapers on stage in Orlando

Fine Arts at Corbett Prep



Vocal and instrumental inspire interest and appreciation

Students sing and experiment with instruments including drums, recorders, keyboards and Orff, learning fundamentals and exploring music from different cultures and historical periods. Choruses, electives or band provide opportunities for further study.


Visual Arts

Exploring diverse styles and techniques

The diversity of artwork students produce in the school year reflects their creativity and inspires discussions about the broad applications of art. Students improve in technical skills, aesthetics, art appreciation, and understanding the social and cultural significance of visual art.



Gaining confidence before audiences

Students memorize lines and experiment with improvisation as they become comfortable speaking to an audience and develop an appreciation for theatre. Students also can learn technical theatre skills, such as lighting, sound, costuming and stage management, in chorus and Middle School electives.



Creative movement for self expression

Choreography performed in class plays and Fine Arts programs cultivates teamwork and personal responsibility. Students also explore dances from different cultures or time periods in school and have the opportunity to enroll in private and group lessons after school.

Why Study the Arts?

Research shows innumerable benefits of exposure to the arts. Students of the arts have demonstrated improved brain function, strong problem solving and critical thinking skills, and higher test scores.

The arts promote cognitive development, health benefits, positive growth in behavior and attitude, and strong, long-term connections with the arts community.


Community School of the Arts

After school and on weekends, Corbett Prep runs the Community School of the Arts (CSA) for students from all over Tampa Bay. Students can choose from private and group lessons in music, dance, visual arts and musical theatre, and they share their work in recitals and other performances when the class is complete. CSA gives students interested in the arts the opportunity to hone their craft and try new pursuits. 

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