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Student Life

Four students of all ages race in sacks on Field Day

Dressed as cats, bats and fairytale creatures, PreK3 students step up to a microphone to recite poems about storybook characters they represent in their "Literature Comes to Life" unit. Each school year, the students will take on slightly harder challenges on stage, and by the time they reach eighth grade, public speaking will feel second nature to them.

They stand assuredly to answer questions in class, they conduct presentations explaining their own research, and they remain confident and composed in plays, concerts and competitions.

The Corbett Prep student experience is about growth and discovery and taking chances in a caring and creative environment. 

With more than 500 students, Corbett Prep is large enough to offer ambitious academic and extracurricular programs but small enough for every student to be seen and recognized for their unique talents. Students can try new sports each trimester, dance center stage, lead a fundraising drive, brainstorm offbeat solutions to baffling problems – all during the same school year if they want.

Students who know their passions can dive deeper into their interests with electives, after-school activities, athletics and competitive programs. 

As they stretch outside their comfort zones, they have the security of knowing their teachers are there to guide and support them.

The Corbett Prep Experience Our Students

Corbett Prep students benefit from leadership and public speaking experience as well as our comprehensive social-emotional learning program

Fifth graders act as role models for younger elementary students and buddy with them during schoolwide events. Middle School offers additional leadership opportunities as National Junior Honor Society members, community service volunteers, club presidents, school ambassadors and more. In seventh grade, students gain insight into their personal strengths and how they work with others through an intense week of primitive hiking and camping in the Georgia mountains. The students return with a sense of accomplishment, ready to tackle challenges that come their way.

Throughout their time at Corbett Prep, students of all ages work on their student presence.

Public speaking opportunities – including class presentations, poetry coffeehouses and shows – are about more than learning to perform. Students practice standing up straight, looking people in the eye and speaking clearly so by the time they graduate they can communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively in all kinds of settings.

The Fine Arts program also encourages creativity, critical thinking, imagination and teamwork.

Our Programs

Enrichment opportunities through electives and after-school programs have taken Odyssey of the Mind students to the World Finals and showcased Middle School Thespians in a theatre packed with 2,600 of the state's best student actors. Elementary and Middle School students gain coding experience and the ability to problem solve on the spot in Lego Robotics competitions. And then there's just plain fun – clubs where students can spend afternoons fishing, canoeing, skateboarding, playing chess, doing Zumba and tackling Escape Room-style games.

Seventh graders in flamingo hats pose with their trophy after winning third place in the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals.

In the Athletics program, students can represent their school in team sports as early as fourth grade for cross country and track. Middle School offers them dozens of sports with multiple teams reflecting all skill levels. Student athletes test their limits in local, regional and state level games and meets, developing sportsmanship and improving fitness and technique.  Younger children can try different sports in after-school sessions with coaches to learn basic skills or enjoy active play.

Our Campus

We make the most of our resources on campus. In addition to gymnasiums, the theatre and the Tomlin Family Application Lab, Corbett Prep has beautiful outdoor spots for when teachers want to expand their classrooms or take advantage of great weather.

Picnic tables and decks provide space for messy art projects or science labs. Benches and lawns become reading nooks. Students dart down boardwalks on nature walks and scavenger hunts. The gratitude garden with its bubbling fountain allows for personal reflection.

Inside or outside, Corbett Prep is a tremendous place for both personal and intellectual growth as students play, explore and learn.