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Corbett Prep integrates multiple best practices in education.

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Discover what makes Corbett Prep an inspiring place to learn.

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Corbett Prep offers the IB program for PreK3 through eighth grade.

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Performances give students the chance to reach new heights.

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Students compete in sports as part of the Florida West Coast League.

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CAMP IDS has more than 100 camps for PreK3-high school.

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Global perspectives benefit students as the world becomes more interconnected.

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Corbett Prep commits to hiring the best and brightest teachers.

Dress Code Guidelines and Orders

The Corbett Prep dress code for 2018-19 supports choices in unique ways within the boundaries of color, style and fabric.

Shirt options

The options for shirts include the following and are available in a variety of colors.

  1. T-shirts with Corbett Prep logo on center or side
  2. Polo shirts, including the required field trip and event polo, with Corbett Prep logo on side
  3. Crew neck, dri-fit shirts with Corbett Prep logo on center or side
  4. Tie-dye T-shirts with Corbett Prep logo on center or side
  5. Polo shirt dresses with Corbett Prep logo on side
  6. Dri-fit polo with Corbett Prep logo on side

Sweatshirts and long-sleeved options will be available in the fall.

View options in the Spirit Store online! Online ordering coming soon!


Monday through Thursday: Approved shirt with Corbett Prep logo

Monday through Thursday: Apparel options for the bottom are purchased where you like to shop. Shorts, pants, skorts and skirts must be solid colors, in good condition and school-appropriate. Pajama-type pants, yoga pants, leggings or pants with rips, holes or tears are non-examples. All bottoms must be 3 inches above the knee or longer.

Friday remains the same "favorite T-shirt day" dress code.

Field trips and events require a green Corbett Prep polo shirt.

Musical theatre and Corbett Prep event shirts are great for Friday.

Shoe options remain the same (details in handbook).

How to Order

Online ordering will be available soon! You can download dress code information, T-shirt catalog with available colors and styles and order form and place your order at the East Side or Middle School office. Orders take about 2 weeks to process.

Please contact Lisa Herscovici if you have any questions.

Order form