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Community School for Sports

Corbett Prep's Community School for Sports (CSS) program provides student-athletes a variety of opportunities to learn skills in a positive, goal-oriented environment.

The CSS youth sports program is open year-round to students of all ages throughout the region, regardless of where they go to school. CSS incorporates different opportunities such as skills trainings, inter-club scrimmages, competitive teams and open tournaments to expand its reach into the greater Tampa area.

Participants can choose from a variety of sport-specific instruction from professionally trained or certified coaches. Selections change depending on the session.

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Sports Programs


CSS Current Classes

logo for Community School for Sports (CSS) at Corbett Prep

Registration is open for our spring trimester of CSS sports, which begins Feb. 20. 

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How to Register

Corbett Prep families will sign up for CSS through their Parent Portal. Families who are from outside of Corbett Prep will need to create an account online in our registration software.