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Students Honor International Day of Peace
The International Day of Peace, observed annually in the fall, gave our students the chance to think about what peace means and how they can create peace. To the first and second grade Brilliant Bugs, peace means relaxing, showing kindness and "taking your time," students wrote. Fifth graders reflected on when they feel at peace and how to achieve it. "I can share peace by spreading love," one student wrote. "I feel most at peace when I'm with animals in nature, because I feel like I'm not alone," another shared.

"I feel peace by closing my eyes," a fifth grader said. "I can share peace with others by giving them a chance to take a breather."

We invite you to experience a peaceful moment of your own by watching how our Middle School students worked together for a larger goal, demonstrating how everyone has a part to play in building a culture of peace.

Countries around the world observe the International Day of Peace – also known as Peace Day – on Sept. 21 each year. A United Nations resolution established the day as a way for people globally to commit to peace among all differences.

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