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Boy holds a sign that says "kind" for a PE project
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Our Upper Primary students started off their PE year on a mission! 

The PE unit "Teambuilders and Cooperative Activities" guides our first and second grade students through a natural investigation and discovery of what makes a great teammate. They face challenges as a whole class where they must work together to achieve different goals. These challenges give students opportunities to take leadership roles, strategize, and reflect on what worked and what changes they could make to improve. Their reflections also support discussions they have in class about healthy choices and wellbeing in the International Baccalaureate unit of inquiry "Who We Are."

This year the PE team incorporated the book The Hard Hat for Kids: A Story About 10 Ways to Be a Great Teammate by Jon Gordon and Lauren Gallagher. The lead character in this book is a talented athlete who is the best player on her team and is shocked when another player receives the coveted Hard Hat award for being the best teammate. Her grandfather asks her to observe this player and see what he does and what made him the right choice for this award. Through her observations she cracks the code on the secret to being a great teammate: “WE BEFORE ME!”
Corbett Prep coaches then spoke to students about awards and asked kids about what they think it takes to be an MVP (Most Valuable Player) and who are some MVPs they may admire in different sports. Students named players who score the most points, steal the most bases, have the best batting averages, run the fastest, and everything in between.

Then coaches talked about teamwork. They challenged the students to combine their takeaways from the reading and their experiences in teambuilders and cooperative activities to generate their own list of characteristics and qualities they thought an MVT (Most Valuable Teammate) would possess. Their answers were nothing short of incredible! 
Each student selected a word that made an impression on them and wrote it on a piece of paper. With art teacher Debbie Kerr, we turned their words into art and created a visual reminder of what we want to commit to as a member of Corbett Prep’s #OneCommunity. We are so excited by the inquiry into being a great teammate that was done by our students and look forward to a great year full of joy and, most importantly, togetherness.

By Casey DeBord
Physical Education

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