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Cris Ferrone helps a student on his laptop in a classroom.
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Students, parents and teachers now have a centralized resource to turn to that sets students up for success from their acceptance to Corbett Prep through their 8th grade graduation.

The Student Success Department, which formed in Fall 2021, highlights the value that Corbett Prep places on the uniqueness of every learner. Cris Ferrone, a 25-year educator, serves as the department’s director, advocating for students’ needs and bringing together the many sources of support Corbett Prep offers while adding new programs to benefit all students.

“That’s what we want to focus on – success for all students,” Ferrone says.

Joining Ferrone in leading the new department is Linda Wenzel, Corbett Prep’s Director of Studies, who has 40 years of experience as a teacher and educational leader with a focus on curriculum. Bettyann Pitti acts as the classroom liaison for the department, connecting with students in all grade levels. Pitti joined Corbett Prep 25 years ago as a librarian and media specialist, and she has also taught in the classroom and worked with small groups of students as a reading specialist.

The Student Success Department works directly with teachers and families to strengthen communication, augment classroom strategies and ensure best educational practices for different learning styles. That could mean finding extra help for some students in specific subjects or offering creative projects to challenge students to go above and beyond.

Ferrone, whose background is in the classroom and in student services, is also designing a study skills curriculum to teach Middle School students strategies for executive functioning, organization, time management and test taking. She will help eighth-grade parents navigate the high school admissions process, introducing them to public and private options and assisting them with paperwork and deadlines.

A teacher at Corbett Prep since 2008 and mother of two alumni, Ferrone is most excited about getting to know the personalities and passions of all the students and giving them tools to grow. That’s been the best part of her teaching career, she says: “I love watching students succeed.”

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