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STEAM Symposium Inspires Innovation

A boy speaks into the microphone in front of a screen that says STEAM
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Corbett Prep's annual STEAM Symposium showcases student research, creativity and innovation. The symposium gives students the chance to step out of their comfort zones and explore subjects in the area of science, technology, engineering, the art of design and mathematics. Using a TED-talk format, students in the April 2023 symposium presented their original research on topics that piqued their interest. The resulting work reflected their passions for causes and concepts related to quantum mechanics, music and the brain, chatbots, women’s access to hygiene products, chemical and physical reactions, branding and more.

Corbett Prep launched its STEAM Symposium seven years ago, and it has grown each year. The work is all student-driven. Students propose their ideas and then meet with a faculty mentor who guides them on conducting research as well as how to distill what they learn into a short, engaging presentation for an audience. After their talks, the students gather outside so audience members can get a closer look at their work and ask questions for additional information.

The STEAM Symposium is open to students in third through eighth grade. This year so many students wanted to participate that teachers divided the students into two groups and created a special symposium just for third and fourth graders to share their presentations. 

A boy gestures to a bar graph on a large screen at the STEAM Symposium
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