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MYP Project Empowers Students to Make Positive Change

Two eighth graders stand next to a screen to present their IB Community Project
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Eighth graders spent the fall and winter collecting shoes for foster children, picking up trash on beaches, helping at nonprofits, distributing care packages to the homeless, walking dogs and hosting creative fundraisers.

The volunteer work was part of their Middle Years Programme community projects, a crucial part of students’ development as International Baccalaureate students. It started with students identifying a need and determining how they could help. They journaled their progress and service, which they shared to parents and classmates in presentations this spring.

“I think this was an amazing experience,” said Chloe, an eighth grader who volunteered at Feeding Tampa Bay. “I really believe that I made a difference and helped people.”

IB requires students to complete a culminating project when they finish the Primary Years and Middle Years programmes. In fifth grade, students participate in the PYP Exhibition, where they apply the knowledge and conceptual understandings they have gained as PYP students related to an issue or opportunity they want to explore.

As eighth graders, students embark on the service-focused MYP Community Project, the culmination of service as action. This valuable educational learning experience fosters personal growth, academic readiness and social responsibility, said Ashley Mabry, Corbett Prep’s MYP coordinator.

Choosing what cause to tackle is just the first step. Students analyzed their topics, considering what they already knew and what they needed to research before developing a proposal that addressed actions they could take. On their own or in small groups, students mapped out a plan and logged successes and setbacks along the way.

They realized that service could take many forms. Some students supported large nonprofits and efforts while others tackled issues in their own neighborhood. Andrew got certified in pet CPR before he volunteered to walk neighbor’s dogs. Valeria volunteered at the Florida Fall Classic for flag football to raise awareness about the Special Olympics. 

Mylei said she preferred the direct action approach and decided to volunteer at the Humane Society. “I feel that having direct contact with the animals is the best way that I can help them,” she said.

Others chose to raise money for their causes in creative ways. One group hosted a basketball tournament for Hoops for Kids, an organization that uses basketball to help at-risk children. Another group set up a talent show and donated proceeds to Metropolitan Ministries and Buddy Baseball.

The MYP Community Project prompts students to connect classroom learning with real-world issues as they make a positive impact in our local community.

“They develop empathy, social awareness and a sense of international mindedness, while honing their research, self-management, critical thinking and problem-solving skills,” Mabry said. “By the end, they are able to see how their individual actions benefit the community through tangible improvements and, in turn, inspire other students to engage in community service and leadership.”

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