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Inspiring a Love of Reading

Four boys lie on yoga mats for a reading break outside.
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Sometimes students need a little inspiration to spark their interest in reading. Ann Cashen, a Corbett Prep teacher and gifted coordinator, shared some of her ideas to instill a love of literacy in students of all ages. All can be done at home, independently or together with parents.

  • Read to a stuffed animal
  • Read to your pet
  • Read outside
  • Relax with a book in a bubble bath or in the pool
  • Listen to an audiobook at home or when traveling for a family vacation
  • Find an unusual or interesting spot to read and take a picture to share with teachers
  • Plan a meal the main character would eat, and cook and enjoy it as a family
  • Turn off the lights or duck into a tent and read by flashlight
  • Create placemats that represent character, setting and conflict to share with family members
  • Use the computer to design an ad that ties into the book
  • Craft a bookmark for the book and give the book to a friend or a Little Free Library 

Let us know if you try any of these or come up with your own unique idea!

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