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Two girls feed dough through the pasta maker at CAMP IDS summer cooking camp.

Kids of all ages can find success in the kitchen, allowing them to build life skills that go far beyond the meals and desserts they learn to cook.

Every summer, CAMP IDS welcomes hundreds of students who sign up for culinary camps at Corbett Prep. The half-day Cooking Camp is one of the most popular camps, followed by its afternoon counterpart, Bake It-Take It. Led by Corbett Prep Chef Chris Tarr, campers spend a week working in teams to cook multi-course meals or whipping up decadent desserts. Then they sample everyone's creations together or pack them to take home.

The fourth- through eighth-graders have a great time together as they gain valuable experience. They learn independence, broaden their palates and develop personal responsibility practicing good hygiene and food safety.

While summer camp is a special time students can share together, kids as young as 2 and 3 can familiarize themselves with cooking and baking in their home kitchen. Chef Chris shares with Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine several tips for how to build these skills at home and grow with the child.

Check out the April 2023 issue in person or online!

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