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Heads' Letter

HEADS' LETTER: May 24, 2018

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Dear Corbett Prep Families,

It is time to revise and move forward with our dress code as we enter our 50th year of existence since 1968...thanks to our founders Marilyn Gatlin and Betty Anderson.

Our founders believed in choice; however, the current dress code can be costly and causes teachers to become dress code monitors. Instead, teachers need to be focusing on teaching and building positive classroom environments.

Thank you to the parents who so respectfully lobbied for this new dress code expectation, which saves money for our families, models how in some work places dress code requirements are expected, and supports choices in unique ways within boundaries through color, style, and fabric.

The options for shirts include the following that are all available in a multitude of colors (view the styles here):

  1. T-shirts (such as the current green t-shirt) with Corbett Prep logo (center or side logo)
  2. Polo shirts with Corbett Prep logo (side logo only)
  3. Crew-neck dri-fit shirts with Corbett Prep logo (center or side logo)
  4. Tie-dye t-shirts with Corbett Prep logo (center or side logo)
  5. Polo shirt dresses with Corbett Prep logo (side logo only)
  6. Dri-fit polos with Corbett Prep logo (side logo only)

* Please note that sweatshirts and long-sleeved options will be available in the fall.

Dress Code Requirements
  • Monday through Thursday is a choice from options 1 through 6 listed above.
  • Monday through Thursday choices for bottoms: These logo-free options are purchased where you like to shop. Shorts, pants, skorts, and skirts must be a solid color, and must be in good condition and school appropriate. Pajama-type pants, yoga pants, leggings, or pants with rips, holes, or tears are non-examples as posted on page 17 of the Student/Parent Handbook. Please note that all bottoms must be 3 inches above the knee or longer.
  • Friday remains the same "favorite T-shirt or theme day" dress code.
  • Field trips and special events will still REQUIRE a green Corbett Prep polo shirt and pants that are khaki, black, or navy for special performances and/or events.
  • Musical theatre and Corbett Prep event shirts are great for Fridays.
  • Shoe options remain the same (see page 17 in the Student/Parent Handbook).

Online ordering will be available soon! If you wish to avoid the rush and order ahead, please use the enclosed order form. All orders should be turned into the East Side or Middle School office and will take approximately two weeks to process. Orders can be paid by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Please contact Lisa Herscovici if you have any questions at or (813) 961-3087.