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Heads' Letter

HEADS' LETTER: May 16, 2019

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The Education Committee of the Corbett Prep Board of Trustees wants to hear from you again through our Annual Community Survey. The new school year 2019-20 marks the beginning of our second 50 years. Our theme for the next 50 is #50years50more. We appreciate all the data we can collect from the survey. This allows us to remain the school that always seeks to live a "continuous improvement" model for our teachers, administration, staff, and our Board of Trustees, with the goal to always make a positive difference to benefit all of our students.

All the information gained through Edu-Talks, Coffee Talks, Meet the Board events, conferences, and informal discussions is very helpful and valued. By filling out this brief survey, your participation will provide even more! We hope for 100 percent participation. As always, we are so appreciative of your time and willingness to help us. Please take a few moments to participate in this survey by Thursday, May 30, by clicking on the link below:

End of Year Parent Survey:


The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is an opportunity for our students to go above and beyond academically. Participants are recognized for their high academic achievement and strong test-taking skills. All students who qualified for Duke TIP are invited to take the ACT or SAT college entrance exams as seventh graders, which allows them greater insights into their academic abilities. In addition, the Duke TIP Program provides valuable benefits and unique resources for gifted students.

Many students qualified for Duke TIP this year through their high standardized test scores. At a recent Monday Morning Meeting, we recognized the students who took on the additional challenge to take the ACT or SAT this year along with local high school students. The following students were recognized and honored for their participation: Christian Clarke, Zachary Dorton, Olivia Fender, Mia Findlay, Logan Henning, Teagan Krumin, Scott Mezack, Finn O'Neill, Carlos Pasquotto, and Isha Patel.

Duke TIP awarded state recognition to students who scored approximately at or above the national average of recent high school graduates on at least one section of the ACT or SAT. These students were invited to a special awards ceremony at the University of South Florida on Tuesday, May 7. The following students were honored for their state recognition: Alexander Cardona, Julia Cox, Brennan Fargher, Drew Mosser, Nitya Padmanabhan, Sofia Rodriguez, and Ayedean Sharabyani.

In addition to qualifying for state, Alexander Cardona also qualified for grand recognition by scoring at or better than 90 percent of high school students on at least one part of the ACT or SAT. Only about 4 percent of the participants in the talent search qualify for grand recognition. Alexander is invited to attend a special ceremony at Duke University on May 20.

Please join us in congratulating all of these young scholars for their high academic achievement and for having the courage to take the challenge to go above and beyond!


The Corbett Prep Book Fair runs through May 20 at Barnes and Noble on Dale Mabry. Please let them know that your purchase is through Corbett Prep to help make this a successful fundraiser for our Laney Library! Then we are all winners! Thanks so much to all.


Please see the two-page insert in the Thursday folder with the results of the mile run, a spring sports update and a year in review.


By Music Teacher Janice Carlin, Spirit of IDS

On Wednesday, May 15, the third-grade chorus, Spirit of IDS performed at Weinberg Village Assistant Living Facility, bringing smiles to all who had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful spirit of our young and dedicated singers. After their concert, they went to Al Lopez Park for lunch!

Also on Wednesday, our fourth- and fifth-grade Warriors' Pride Chorus performed at Barnes and Noble Primary Night for the Corbett Prep Annual Spring Book Fair. Their voices rang throughout Barnes and Noble, bringing smiles to our families and all of the customers and employees, who were fortunate to be there at the same time as the concert.

On Thursday, May 16, Tom McColley and I will be taking the Advanced Band and Middle School chorus members in the Voices of Corbett Prep to Kids Clubhouse to perform for the children there. This will be followed by lunch at the International Plaza Food Court.

Our goal is to bring smiles to others through the gift of music and community outreach. What a great opportunity for our chorus students!



Congratulations to our Community School of the Arts students for EIGHT OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCES OVER THE PAST WEEK. The elementary and middle school cast of CATS sang and danced their way through four magnificent performances last weekend. A resounding BRAVO to Mr. Seth Travaglino for creating a magical experience for the performers and the audience!

On Monday and Tuesday nights, the CSA music students delighted audiences with four different recitals featuring piano, voice, guitar, violin, trumpet and trombone. It is such a treat to see our young musicians grow as creative, expressive human beings who value the sense of community fostered by the arts.


This Saturday, May 18, students from the CSA Dance and Musical Theater classes will be featured in a recital at 11:00 a.m., in the Farish Center. We hope to see you there.

NOTE TO DANCERS: The dress rehearsal is Friday afternoon from 3-6 p.m.

CSA SUMMER SESSION LESSONS! CSA lesson options continue throughout the summer. The information about the CSA Summer Session is included in this week's Thursday folder. This is a wonderful time for new students to participate in one of the arts, and we always encourage our continuing students to move ahead by studying during the summer. Registration is through CampSite online. Please contact CSA Director Tom McColley with your questions.

A huge thank you to CSA Directors Tom McColley and Michael Leblanc for growing, leading, and inspiring excellence throughout the CSA offerings for the last 20 years!


BY PFA President Kaly Srinivas

As we approach the end of the school year, I would like to take a moment to thank all of our volunteers. With your support, we successfully accomplished our mission to raise funds as a school community to benefit Corbett Prep students both in and out of the classroom. We accomplished this by various fundraising events like our Golf Tournament, Children's Gasparilla Parade, Movie Madness, Father & Daughter Dance, The Big Event, Teacher Appreciation, and many more events.

A Great Big Thank You to the PFA Executive Committee:

Karianne Ankarstrand – PFA Treasurer; Lauren Lipschutz – PFA Secretary; Carolyn Aulicino & Kristine Reens – Big Event Co-Chairs; Laura Frasor & Tammie McFarland – RPC Co-Chairs; Sarah Snecinski, Jan Han, & Nansi Burns – Fall Festival Committee Co-Chairs; Connie Dorton – Athletic Booster Chair; Marie Foster & Kathy Sneary-Beachy – Pancake Breakfast chairs; Jocie Fletcher & Karin Ladis – Community Outreach Chairs; Brooke Henning – Advisor; Shane Fletcher – Dad's Club chair and Suzanne Skelton-Parker – Fundraising Chair.

I would like to express my gratitude to a wonderful group of RPCs for coordinating with the teachers to make every classroom event memorable for our children. Thank you...

Rida Rao & Lauren Fuentes – Flower Patch

Bonnie Kornblith & Jennifer Limeri-Maita – Beach Buddies

Laura Frasor, Christy Voelker & Jaime Wise – Kindergarten Frogs

Amisha Patel & Anna DeJesus – Brilliant Bugs

Yarelis Melendez & Melanie Brown Marsh – Mighty Monkeys

Rinku Savdas & Lilya Raymond – Cool Cats

Julia Grayson & Isel Ramirez – Navigators

Melissa Sueling & Brittany Bevilacqua – Going Places

Nicole Schirk & Leah Stamler – All-Stars

Brooke Brink & Tammie McFarland – Penthouse

Jen Langsford – 6th grade

Blythe Sobel & Mark Krumin – 7th Grade

Sheila Scott & Amy Hanson – 8th Grade


Mrs. Cynthia Whitney (8th grade science Teacher) would like to celebrate the Big Event winner Ava Morgan, who was the 8th Grade Science Teacher for a Day on Tuesday, April 30. Ava designed and implemented an engaging physics lab that demonstrated two concepts: How increasing force on the exterior of an object will increase the pressure on the inside of an object and how increasing potential energy will increase kinetic energy.

For the lab, each group of three to four students placed 500+ rubber bands around a watermelon until it popped! Students took some spectacular slow-motion videos and had a wonderful time learning physics. Bravo to Ava Morgan for leading three 8th grade classes in a dynamically successful lesson!



MADDIE LEVINE (8th GRADE- Class of 2019) was cast as Peggy Thomas in The Hundred Dresses with Innovocative Theatre & Stageworks in Tampa. The show will be open from August 2-11. Congratulations Maddie!

MERCY ROBERTS (8th GRADE –Class of 2019) was cast as young Allison in Fun Home with American Stage Theatre in St. Petersburg. This show will be open from July 17 - August 18. Congratulations Mercy!



The Fifth Grade Class would like to inspire YOU and share our experiences on how we chose to make the world a better place.

We cordially invite the Corbett Prep school community to Exhibition on Friday, May 24. We are busy researching worthy causes, writing action plans, and learning the intricacies of advertisement. We are experiencing different ways to create awareness locally, nationally, and internationally as we try to change the world in some way, shape, or form.

Our transdisciplinary theme is Sharing the Planet: An inquiry into rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things, communities and the relationships within and between them, access to equal opportunities, peace and conflict resolution.

Please come see one of our performances: 8:30-9:45 a.m. or 1:30-2:45 p.m.


  1. MONDAY, MAY 27 – SCHOOL HOLIDAY for MEMORIAL DAY: We join with you in honoring our military who risk/risked their lives in service for our country to keep us all safe. We wish our entire Corbett Prep community a happy and safe weekend!
  2. CANDLELIGHT & MOVING UP CEREMONY IN GATLIN HALL THURSDAY, MAY 30 AT 8:05 a.m. The Annual Eighth Grade Candlelight Ceremony begins at 8:05 a.m. for the entire school in Gatlin Hall. Moving up Ceremony, for PREK3 through SEVENTH GRADES, begins immediately following the Candlelight Ceremony! Parents are invited to this Annual School Assembly that honors the "passage" of time. Please make sure that all students arrive to school on time, on or before 8:00 a.m., to prepare for our final school assembly for the 2018 – 2019 school year! Eighth Grade parents need to RSVP in order to have a reserved seat.
  3. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The last day of school is always very special for all of our wonderful teachers and students. There will be a full day, on the last day, Friday, May 31. We are offering Extended Day until 5 p.m. Graduation for the 8th grade class of 2019 begins at 6:30 p.m. and preparation for this special ceremony will be taking place! So please remember: Extended Day requires prompt pick-up at 5 p.m. in order to allow everyone to prepare for Graduation.



Athletic Director, Rob Heller; Assistant Athletic Director, Dan Kava; Coaches, Kathy Folen, Chip Hill, Ivan Romero, and Fellowship, Casey DeBord.

Congratulations to all students who qualified to run in the championship on May 2, 2019! The boys and girls who ran the mile showed great heart like true Olympic Champions. And wow! We have two repeat champions, Santiago Romero and Chloe Powers, and three new records were set: Isabella Destrade - 5th Grade Girls Record; Nia Armstrong - 3rd Grade Girls Record; and Jackson Frasor - 3rd Grade Boys Record!

Another record set, the 24 boys from 3rd grade through 8th grade ALL ran in 6:51 minutes and under, with four runners in the 5s! This is the best showing of elite runners in the history of the Mile Run Championship! The PE team would like to thank all the parents, faculty, and students for supporting the runners in the championship at Corbett Preparatory School of IDS! The whole school enjoyed the school spirit, as they cheered on members of their classes.

The final results are listed below:

Mile Run Championship:

  • Intermediate Division Girls: 1st Place – Isabella Destrade, 5th Grade (6:45); 2nd Place – Nia Armstrong, 3rd Grade (7:05); 3rd Place – Abigail Yokum, 3rd Grade (7:27)
  • Intermediate Division Boys: 1st Place – Jackson Frasor, 3rd Grade (6:13.20); 2nd Place – William Goddard, 5th Grade (6:13.70); 3rd Place – Cameron Samuel, 5th Grade (6:22.70)
  • Middle School Girls: 1st Place – Chloe Powers, 8th Grade (6:32); 2nd Place – Peyton Aydelotte, 7th Grade (6:59); 3rd Place – Angelina Cardona, 8th Grade (7:00)
  • Middle School Boys: 1st Place – Santiago Romero, 8th Grade (5:32.5); 2nd Place – Ricky Gonzalez, 7th Grade (5:36.90); 3rd Place – Brennan Fargher, 7th Grade (5:39.60)

All qualifying runners are honored here:

  • Intermediate Division Girls: 4th Place – Addison Patapoff, 5th grade (7:29.6); 5th Place - Aria Sneary-Beachy, 4th grade (7:30.5); 6th Place - Isabella Colon, 4th grade (8:02.8); 7th Place - Sienna Magrisso, 5th grade (8:09.4); 8th Place - Camryn Clamp, 4th grade (8:16.1); 9th Place - Lily Ferrari, 5th grade (8:20.9); 10th Place - Sophia Ladis, 5th grade (8:22.6); 11th Place - Megan Newton, 3rd grade (8:28.8); 12th Place - McKenzie Clarke, 5th grade (8:30.9).
  • Intermediate Division Boys: 4th Place – Colin Fargher, 3rd grade (6:31.1); 5th Place - Linus Kane, 5th grade (6:36.7); 6th Place - Collin Carey, 3rd grade (6:44.4); 7th Place - Cooper Antalek, 5th grade (6:45); 8th Place - Dillon Doss, 4th grade (6:46.3); 9th Place - Blake Dodd, 5th grade (6:48.5); 10th Place - Landon Harrole, 5th grade (6:51.2).
  • Middle School Girls: 4th Place - Sofia Palma, 8th grade (7:07); 5th Place- Julia Cox, 7th grade (7:11.4); 6th Place Dalia Halawani, 6th grade (7:16.9); 7th Place - DaNia Brooks, 8th grade (7:25); 8th Place - Avery Rothstein, 6th grade (7:30); 9th Place - Julia Tamulski, 6th grade (7:51); 10th Place - Isabella Palma, 8th grade (7:56.9); 11th Place - Bailey Vildostegui, 6th grade (8:05); 12th Place - Jayden Lucas, 6th grade (8:06.2).
  • Middle School Boys: 4th Place - Jackson Reens, 6th grade (5:58.8); 5th Place - Alex Findlay, 8th grade (6:02.8); 6th Place - Vade Basdeo, 8th grade (6:12.9); 7th Place - Nehemiah Armstrong, 7th grade (6:13.9); 8th Place- Max Sims, 8th grade (6:20.5); 9th Place - Jack Carey, 8th grade (6:21.2); 10th Place - Lawson Chastain, 6th grade (6:27.8); 11th Place - Jonathan Terho, 6th grade (6:30.4); 12th Place - Nick Smith, 6th grade (6:30.7); 13th Place - Keegan Clamp, 6th grade (6:32.1); 14th Place - Ronak Mehta, 6th grade (7:26.2).


By Athletic Director Rob Heller.

Tennis - This season saw Corbett Prep Tennis teams full with new tennis players. Both teams were led by veteran 8th graders who made sure to include all teammates in the fun. The season ended last week with 7th grader Alexander Lloyd crowned as the top player in the Florida West Coast League. The future is very bright as both teams are stocked with players for next year.

Baseball - This was a season built on growth. After graduating most of last year's team, it was a season for younger players to get their opportunity to lead and shine. The team was in every game with some great hitting and defense. The season ended May 1st with the team winning their final game versus Berkeley Prep 6-4. The future looks bright as every player will be back for next year.

Softball - This was the year! This year's team was made up of almost an entire roster of veteran players. Coached by Mr. Powers and Brittany Cooper, from Cooper Speed and Strength, the team played awesome throughout the season. Finishing the regular season on top of the Florida West Coast League, the team was poised to win the first Softball Florida West Coast League title in over 25 years. The Championship game was hosted here at Corbett Prep. It came down to the final inning with Corbett Prep defeating Berkeley Prep 6-5. Special congratulations to the 8th grade leaders who battled for three years to bring this Championship to Corbett Prep! This was the first championship in softball in over 25 years!

Year in Review – Finally, what a school year for our 8th graders. They finished the season on top of the Florida West Coast League with 5 League Championships. This was the most of any school in the Florida West Coast League. The teams that finished on top were Boys Cross Country, Girls Basketball, Boys Track & Field, Girls Track & Field, and Softball. In the Florida West Coast League, with 10 schools competing for 12 overall Championships, the Corbett Prep Warriors dominated!

Congratulations to all our athletes for a great year!

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