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Heads' Letter

HEADS' LETTER: June 18, 2020

Download for Original Heads' Letter

This Heads' Letter was mailed to parents with report cards and summer expectations.


You are receiving a mailing that holds items that represent the culmination of a unique year, where we joyfully welcomed 2020 with high hopes and excitement for what was to come. Little did we know that we were about to embark on unprecedented times locally, nationally, and internationally. The world shared in what was to become the new normal.

While the pandemic brought many unforeseen challenges, it also brought all of us a unique opportunity to be creative, to find solutions, and to embrace a new respect and appreciation for family and all of the many blessings we have and had.

All of our Board of Trustees, administration, Teachers, and staff are forever grateful for the partnership we created to use remote learning to come into your homes for over two months. Connecting with your children from PreK3 through 8th grade was enormously inspiring and quite an amazing accomplishment.

Some of the great success we had with remote learning was due to the systems we have in place at Corbett Prep. The task was to find options and solutions to transition those systems from on-campus learning to remote learning. We are proud that we did it! It is important to give a huge shout out to the PFA Golf Committee and all of our volunteers who produced the most successful annual golf tournament in 26 years at IDS – now Corbett Prep!

Please note this amazing coincidence: Two weeks before Spring Break during in-service, our Teachers each received a brand new laptop or desktop purchased for school use. All these years, Big Event and Golf fundraising efforts have furnished new and updated technology for our students to keep them on the cutting edge throughout the school. This year, it was determined that the Teachers were using outdated technology for their work, and it was time to use the golf proceeds to invest in updating their devices. The golf committee, along with generous donors and sponsors, made it happen... which allowed our Teachers the ability to enter remote learning with state-of-the-art technology. The results were amazing, as they dove into the learning curve "to rock" the new delivery system. This Thank You is stuffed with gratitude.

So please mark your calendar for the 2020 Corbett Prep Kids Classic at Avila on Oct. 12 and the Fall Reception on Friday, Oct. 16. These, like our Annual Big Event, are real difference makers!


  1. The 2019-20 final report card for each student in your family.
  2. Summer Support Letter from your current Teachers to support learning over the summer.
  3. Summer expectations from Teachers in the next grade above. Please note this is to prepare students for the first days and expectations awaiting them for the 2020-2021 school year.
  4. Some students will also receive tutor expectations. Please follow the directions for guidance and call anytime for clarification as needed.
  5. Also included in this packet is our tribute to the Class of 2020 and the new 3R's emanating from remote learning and COVID 19---Resilience, Resourcefulness & Reflection.

Wishing everyone a healthy and great summer. School will reopen on August 18th with all precautions in place to welcome students to the new school year. Please look for emails throughout the summer with updates.

With gratitude,


Dr. Joyce Burick Swarzman, Headmaster (excited to welcome Mr. Rodriguez as Head of School in July!!)


Dear Corbett Prep Class of 2020,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty and Staff, congratulations on reaching this special milestone in your lives as you transition from 8th grade to high school and beyond. This very meaningful transition has been marked by unprecedented times. All of our plans for the last three months of a school year had to be changed due to a pandemic. Class trip to Washington, DC to study government on site, sports, live theater, graduation in Gatlin Hall and so much more of the everyday events that make those special memories...all cancelled or postponed. On the surface, it feels like a lot was lost, when in actuality, perhaps there is a great silver lining in this experience.

It would be easy to feel like a victim...Why us? Why now? And that is all true. At the same time, this is also good practice to join the SPOO (with short vowel O's) where we practice positive thinking through phrasing that seeks Solutions, Possibilities, Opportunities and Options. As the Class of 2020, you, your parents and Teachers have lived through uncertainty with a positive mindset that is at the heart of a Corbett Prep education. These life skills will serve you well throughout your life. When uncertainty arises, a natural part of life, the hope is that you will take this experience and remember to take action and head for the, possibilities, opportunities & options.

There are 3R's recommended to take the Class of 2020 into the future to guide you successfully through any change that you might encounter: Resilience, Resourcefulness, and Reflection:

  1. RESILIENCE is about a person's ability to positively move forward in spite of setbacks, unexpected changes, and ability to overcome obstacles. It's about developing emotional strength with the tools to help us succeed. Remember to use the tools given to you at Corbett Prep from the 4 Pillars of Wellbeing where you were part of the pilot program, originally from Yale and now moving around the world. The pillars include Mindfulness, Community Action, Curiosity, and Contentment and Balance. You might also go deeper into the practice of developing, over your lifetimes, the 7C's which are part of the building blocks of resilience. They include competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and control by making wise choices. This is a great resource recommended for you by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  2. RESOURCEFULNESS: Whenever a need or challenge arises, coming up with the ways and means to create solutions and adapt to new situations cleverly and creatively identifies you as a resourceful person. You experienced resourcefulness this trimester as your Teachers creatively and cleverly dove into remote learning, an amazing example of a resourceful endeavor to lead your learning...especially given the circumstances!
  3. REFLECTION: Through the Corbett Prep International Baccalaureate Program, you have grown up applying the value of using reflection, where we engage in "careful thought" about our ideas, experiences, and opinions. Reflection helps us to determine the strengths, insights, and areas that need adjusting. This process allows for continuous improvement in all we say, do, and feel. Take this reflection tool with you and enjoy all the growth.

So there it is...there are so many ways to do so many things and weather all of our life's experience with gratitude and joy. It does take work. It is our hope that the SPOO and 3R's will be helpful to you along your wonderful journey ahead. Please also enjoy practicing your "Corbett Prepisms" like embracing:

  • Living the "4-LETTER Appropriate Words" like KIND, CARE, GIVE, HELP and "NICE IS A GOOD THING."
  • Treating everyone, including yourself, with DIGNITY AND RESPECT where you remain proud to "live above the line."
  • Remembering to use daily GRATITUDE which is known to improve our immune systems and relationships and increase our levels of joy and happiness: "I have GRATITUDE FOR ______because__________."
  • Doing your work with an OLYMPIC MENTALITY, where the best are always getting better!

Please remember to return often, tell us your stories, ask for our help when needed, study/study/study, and always know that Corbett Preparatory School of IDS will always be your home! We miss you already!