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Corbett Prep integrates multiple best practices in education.

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Discover what makes Corbett Prep an inspiring place to learn.

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Corbett Prep offers the IB program for PreK3 through eighth grade.

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Performances give students the chance to reach new heights.

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Students compete in sports as part of the Florida West Coast League.

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CAMP IDS has more than 100 camps for PreK3-8th grade.

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Global perspectives benefit students as the world becomes more interconnected.

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Corbett Prep commits to hiring the best and brightest teachers.

Heads' Letter

HEADS' LETTER: April 1, 2021

Spelling Success in Upper Primary and Intermediate Bees


By Vickii Johnson – Spelling Bee Coordinator

Can you believe Corbett Prep has held a Spelling Bee competition since 2009? The 2nd graders who participated in the 1st Annual Upper Primary Spelling Bee are now in college! Time flies!

Monday and Tuesday – March 29 and 30 – found the East Side campus abuzz with spellers! After weeks of practice, students voluntarily stepped up to the microphone to put their spelling skills to the test. Our Spelling Bee competitors spoke with poise under pressure and showed the joy that comes from their commitment to spell, spell, spell.

As with any competition with a national component, there are specific rules and procedures to be followed by the pronouncer, judge and spellers. The speller's role is to face the judges, say the word they are asked to spell, spell it loudly, clearly and distinctly and then repeat the word again. Spellers were encouraged to ask as many questions as needed including the definition, part of speech or a sample sentence. After an hour of intense competition and many rounds reaching to the middle school level, Mrs. Johnson, Spelling Bee judge, and Mrs. Rostick, pronouncer, deemed these students meant business!

Congratulations to the 2021 Spelling Bee contestants who gave the extra time and effort to voluntarily prepare for the competition:

Brilliant Bugs: Daniel C., Angelica C., Cami F., Lucas L., Stella L., Sebastian O. , Mila P., Navya P., Alexis S., Shalen S., Lexi W.

Mighty Monkeys: Veronica C., Santino F., Crosley H., Hadley H., Zoe L., Kaine O., Carter P., Capri V., Elena Y.

Cool Cats: Tessa B., Sai B., Brayden B., Lucas D., Isabella D., Alexander G., Daniel G., Emilia H., Samuel L., London M., Matthew M., Ayaan P., Benjamin R., Uriah S., Caia S., Emerson S., Pearl V.

Navigators: Sofia A., Morgan F., Ethan F., Kyle G., Peyton K., Sam L., Reece L., Lucas M., CJ N., Avi P., Saavan P., Evan P., Alara S., Landon S., Ryan S., Eli W., Liam W.

4th Grade: Mallory A., Andrew B., Max C., Sebastian C., Christian D., Patrick G., Willow M., Jameson M., Noelle O., Anshul S.

All Stars: Miles B., Gabriella C., Deven C., Dylan C., Jonas C., Ariana D., Kaiden G., Kalie H., Kolton H., Zaiden L., Joy M., Kylah M., Lily M., Sianna N., Ella O., Sahana P., Shailee P., Talan P., Tej P., Sloane R., Owen R., Kiran S., Anthony T.

5th Grade: Ankita D., Mylei F., Jackson F., Emerson F., Dylan G., Javier G., Giselle G., Krish K., Kashiv M., Kamzi O., Laila P., Sarah P., Ainsley R., Evan W.

TWO students will proudly represent each class during the 2021 school-wide Spelling Bee on Tuesday, April 13.

Congratulations to our Classroom Spelling Bee Champions!

  • Brilliant Bugs: Sebastian O., Navya P.
  • Mighty Monkeys: Elena Y., Hadley H.
  • Cool Cats: Caia S., Sam L.
  • Navigators: Sam L., CJ N.
  • 4th Grade: Mallory A., Anshul S.
  • All Stars: Jonas C., Kiran S.
  • 5th Grade: Kashiv M., Krish K.

#proud #roundofapplause #CorbettPrepSpellers

Report Cards Arriving at Home

Report cards for Trimester 2 were mailed to your home this week! Please let your classroom teacher know if you are still needing to receive a report card for your student.

Important April Dates


  • Extended day provided on Wed., April 14, noon until 6:00 p.m. Activities will be based in the Extended Day Room.
  • An afternoon snack and juice will be provided.
  • All students attending Extended Day are required to bring a LUNCH.
  • Parents interested in this special Extended Day session on Wed., April 14 need to REGISTER and PRE-PAY ($15.00) by phone at (813) 961-3087, by Tues., April 13. If you are on the yearly extended day plan, half days are already included.

THURS., APRIL 15: PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES (AS NEEDED). Thursday is a student-free day to hold parent/teacher conferences as needed.

FRI., APRIL 16: TEACHER IN-SERVICE. Student-free day.

Parent-Faculty Association (PFA) News

By Lauren Lipschutz, PFA President

We have so many exciting opportunities coming up to stay involved at Corbett Prep!

First, the Big Event committee is thrilled to launch ticket sales for The Hybrid Hula. You can now purchase both in person and virtual tickets online by clicking this link! Also be sure to check out the raffle section!

Second, the PFA is looking forward to honoring our OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD Corbett Prep Faculty and Staff the week of April 12. Let's show our GRATITUDE with some Corbett Prep Spirit!

On Monday, April 12, we invite you to share thoughts of GRATITUDE with our teachers and staff members by bringing in a handmade card or letter.

On Tuesday, April 13, we plan to shower all teachers with a beautiful flower bouquet! You can contribute to this pre-sale, which is an eighth-grade fundraiser, here.

Finally, join us for our PFA Meeting on April 7 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom. We will have updates on the Hybrid Hula as well as a special guest from CAMP IDS.

2021-22 Tuition Management News

As we continue our implementation of Veracross as our new Student Information System, we are pleased to announce that for the 2021-22 school year, we will transition from using Smart Tuition to Veracross for the processing and collection of tuition and fees. You will be receiving detailed information from us in the coming weeks with instructions.

Please note: You will continue to make your tuition payments through Smart Tuition for the remainder of this 2020-21 school year.