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Board of Trustees


Jeff Shannon, President

Cornelia Corbett, Vice President

Heather Ceresoli, Treasurer

Dr. Stephanie Carey, Secretary

David Bellini

Michelle Blume

Jim Clark

Carlton Fleming

Suzanne Meiners-Levy

Marcie Mueller

Dr. Balaji Padmanabhan

Donna Rocco

Scott Rothstein

Stuart Sierra

Dr. Karolyn Snyder

Brooke Soileau-Henning

John Tomlin


Corbett Prep is governed by a Board of Trustees that currently consists of 17 voting members. The President of the Parent Faculty Association attends meetings as a non-voting member to be an active contributor in dialogue and reporting. The Head of School and Associate Head of School also attend all Board meetings as non-voting members.

Every year, the Board members attend an annual retreat. The content is always to participate in teams to review the philosophy of the school and study, revise, and monitor the results of our long range/school improvement plan. The Head of School and various Board members facilitate the process and all receive an update on training information that teachers have been receiving.

Trustees have legal and financial responsibilities for the school, but as trust holders they have a much deeper attachment to the school — its mission, students and faculty. Trustees have a profound understanding of the school’s character and identity, champion it as it is now, and visualize what it can be in the future. Their connection to the school is deep and personal.