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Research and Publications

A Corbett Prep teacher stands in front of a screen with her research shown at a conference in Sweden

Corbett Prep and its educational practices attract the interest of academics worldwide. Here is some of the published research about education at Corbett Prep.

Published research


Book Chapters

1. Systems Thinking for Sustainable Schooling: A Mindshift for Educators to Lead and Achieve
Quality in Schools Over Time
. Karolyn J. Snyder & Kristen M. Snyder (Editors),
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Chapter 2: Kristen M. Snyder, Expanding How We Think about Quality in Education

Chapter 6: Robert H. Anderson, The Beginnings of Collaboration in Schools: Team
Teaching, Nongradedness, and Multi-Aged Grouping
, Chapter Introduction by Karolyn J. Snyder and Joyce B. Swarzman

Chapter 7: Anna Martensson & Kristen M. Snyder, Approaching Systems Thinking in
Schools by Linking Quality and Sustainability: Moving from Theory to Practice

Chapter 9: John Fitzgerald & Elaine C. Sullivan, Toward the School as a Sustainable
Global Learning Center System

A Tribute to Dr. Joyce B. Swarzman, Kristen M. Snyder

2. Regenerating Education as a Living System: Success Stories of Systems Thinking in Action. Kristen M. Snyder & Karolyn Snyder (Editors), September. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Chapter 5: Karolyn J. Snyder, Toward a Human Networked School: A Natural Energy System.

Chapter 7: Helen Hazi, (re)imagined Teacher Learning and Improvement with Systems Thinking: Corbett Prep and Its "Culture of Fit."

Chapter 8: Elaine C. Sullivan and John Fitzgerald, Complexity Thinking as a Way of Living to Develop Sustainable Schooling.

Chapter 9: Kristen M. Snyder, Storytelling as a Strategic Leadership Tool.


. Kristen M. Snyder, Karolyn J. Snyder, "Developing Adaptivity and Responsiveness in Organizations through Human Network Structures: A Management Strategy," in Leadership, Education, Personality: An Interdisciplinary Journal. Springer Pub. In Germany. June 2023.

Kristen M. Snyder, Michael Johnson, Karolyn J. Snyder, "Going Hybrid on a Dime: Insights for Transformation in Education toward Sustainable Quality Development." SEMINAR.NET Media, Technology & Lifelong Learning. Vol. 19, No. 1 (2023)


Hazi, H.M. (2023, June 7). Teaming: The energy system for sustainable schooling. (Audio podcast). Speaking of Education Series.

Hazi, H.M. (2023, June 12). Teaming at Corbett Prep – Teachers' perspective. (Audio podcast). Speaking of Education Series.

Hazi, H.M. (2023, June 5). Teaming at Corbett Prep – A 20-year perspective from the classroom. (Audio podcast). Speaking of Education Series.


June 2022: Mechanics and Materials in Design: Theory, Experiments, and Applications in Engineering – A Global Research Conference in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal – (on-site)
     . Cynthia Whitney, Value Created for Schools Through Partnerships in Education.
     . Michael Johnson, Responsiveness to Change: How Can the Concept of Attractive Quality Enhance School Sustainability?
     . Kathryn Smith-Rouse, "Sticking power": Finding quality in organizational culture and employee wellbeing influencing an intention to stay.
     . Anna Martensson & Kristen M. Snyder, Developing Organizational Systems that Link Quality Management and Sustainability: Moving from Theory to Practice.

June 2022: International Sustainability Development Research Society Conference. Stockholm, Sweden.
     . Cynthia Whitney, Value Creation through Educational Partnerships Focused on Preparing Students for Citizenry in a Sustainable Global Society.
     . Michael Johnson, Understanding Attractive and Sustainable Quality to Increase Customer Value in Education.
     . Kathryn Smith-Rouse, “Sticking Power”, Tracking Employee Well-Being and Organizational Culture for Insight into Sustainability and Quality.
     . Telma Largent, The Role of the Main Customers and Key Stakeholders in the Value Creation Within a School System.


Snyder, K.J., Snyder, K.M. (2021) Building Sustainable Systems for Schooling in Turbulent Times: Big Ideas from the Sciences. In Jeffrey Glanz (ed) Crisis and Pandemic Leadership: Implications for Meeting the Needs of Students, Teachers, and Parents. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

July - International Research Conference-Paper Presentations: International Sustainability Development Research Society Conference. Ostersund, Sweden – Mid Sweden University (Virtual)
     . Kathryn Smith-Rouse, Staying Power: How Colleagues and Customers Influence the Sustainability and Culture of an Organization with a Focus on Retention of Employees and Customers – A Systematic Literature Review.
     . Karolyn J. Snyder & Kristen M. Snyder, The Rule of Human Network Systems for Leading Sustainable Quality in Organizations.
     . Kristen M. Snyder & Karolyn J. Snyder, Insights from the Pandemic about How to Lead and Develop Sustainability Quality in Organizations.
     . Kristen M. Snyder & Karolyn J. Snyder, Leading Sustainable Quality in Organizations.
     . Michael Johnson, Nourishing Innovation and Quality: How do Independent School Leaders Move Schools from Sustainably Good to Sustainably Great?
     . Cynthia Whitney, Innovative Sustainable Global Partnerships Between Schools and Organizations Provide Quality Education and Value for All Stakeholders, a Literature Review.
     . Telma Largent, The Problem of Mathematics Placement: A Question of Quality Education and Sustainability for Society.
     . Jill Campisciano, Organizational Culture for Sustainable Quality and Innovation: How Artistic Practices Can Foster Adaptation and Innovation in Organizations as Living Systems.

November 2021 International Conference on Education, Research, and Innovation, Sevilla, Spain (Virtual)
     . Kristen M. Snyder, Michael Johnson, & Karolyn J. Snyder, Going Hybrid on a Dime: Lessons during the Pandemic and Implications for Sustainable Quality in Education

Hoffman A., Owen Dr., & Calvert, (2021) "Parent Reports of Children's Parasocial Relationships with Conversational Agents: Trusted Voices in Children's Lives," in Human Behavior & Emerging Technologies. Vol. 3, No. 4.

2020 and earlier

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Scholarly Influences on Corbett Prep Practice

This research influenced the development of Corbett Prep/IDS.

Anderson, R. H. (2007) Perspectives on Nongradedness, Multi-age Grouping and Team Teaching, published in Leadership for Sustainable School Development, a Graduate Virtual Course at Drake University (2020), Des Moines, Iowa.

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It's All About Kids: Every Child Deserves a Teacher of the Year

Read about the impact and passion that makes the difference in learning and leadership in a book documenting the early years of Corbett Prep/Independent Day School. 

It's All About Kids: Every Child Deserves a Teacher of the Year, written in 2003 by Debbie Happy Cohen and the Corbett Prep faculty and staff, shares lessons about leadership and change and includes dozens of real-life stories written by educators for educators about best teaching and leadership practices as well as brain-based classroom management techniques.