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Trip to Corbett Prep’s Frog Town
Celebrates Community Connectedness

Students build their own town as part of a kindergarten lesson on what encompasses a community.

kindergarten lesson on community

Kindergartners dressed up as members of Frog Town, explaining to an audience the importance of their role in society.

Oct. 29, 2015 (TAMPA, Fla.) – How do you turn a collection of buildings into a thriving community? Kindergartners at Corbett Preparatory School of IDS set out to answer this question and gain a better understanding of how everyone can contribute to the common good.

The result was Frog Town, a miniature Main Street that stretched from the airport to the beach. Its fictitious residents could pick up necessities at Publix or Wawa, drop a letter in a tiny blue mailbox, soak in the culture of the art museum or the excitement of a football game. A police station, fire station and hospital awaited those who needed help.

Students had put careful thought into every aspect of their little city during this kindergarten lesson. Assuming the roles of planners and developers, students examined what a community needs and why. They talked about how wants and needs drive goods and services, and the different jobs and businesses that form as a result. They generated a list of places an ideal town needs for retail, public safety, health, education and just plain fun.

Then, the kindergartners turned their discussions into action, working in teams to build Frog Town in 3D with cardboard, construction paper, aluminum foil and toilet paper rolls.

It culminated in a special ceremony and ribbon-cutting, where each of the town’s members had a chance to practice public speaking skills. Students dressed in character as pilots, mail carriers, veterinarians, teachers and even a toymaker to share the contributions each makes to the community.

kindergarten lesson

Students built sites for shopping, safety, education, culture and recreation.

The bus driver makes sure students get to school on time, students said. Lifeguards help people learn to swim. The teacher teaches kids “to make them smart.” The architect makes the city look nicer. The gardener plants trees to provide shade. Cities need artists, too, one little boy said: “My art makes people happy.”

From the Corbett Prep replica to the other buildings of Frog Town, the kindergarten class created a visual representation of what  is necessary for a community to function and shared the roles and responsibilities of its residents.  Everyone is important and connected in a community, the students learned in the kindergarten lesson, and like a classroom, its future success depends on cooperation.


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