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Corbett Prep integrates multiple best practices in education.

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Discover what makes Corbett Prep an inspiring place to learn.

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Corbett Prep offers the IB program for PreK3 through eighth grade.

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Performances give students the chance to reach new heights.

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Students compete in sports as part of the Florida West Coast League.

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CAMP IDS has more than 100 camps for PreK3-high school.

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Global perspectives benefit students as the world becomes more interconnected.

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Corbett Prep commits to hiring the best and brightest teachers.



7 Questions to Ask for a Successful Open House Visit

Before attending an Admissions Open House, look over the school's website for answers to general questions about hours, curriculum, tuition and the admissions process. Having an understanding of the basics will free you up to ask more in-depth questions to get to the most important point of an open house – determining if the school is the right choice for your child.

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A Case for K-8

When we expect 8th graders to act as role models for the rest of the school, they rise to the occasion. Research shows middle school students experience numerous advantages when they enroll in schools that include both elementary and middle grades. Tampa Bay Parenting magazine explores 5 factors that contribute to student success in K-8 schools.

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Augmented Reality Inspires Students

New zSpace technology is allowing Corbett Prep students to see their world in fascinating new ways. Augmented reality computer systems recently arrived at Corbett Prep, and students and teachers were eager to start exploring.

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Corbett Prep Press

Published annually, the Corbett Prep Press highlights some of the dynamic, meaningful, and creative educational experiences that occur at Corbett Prep every day and contribute to the school’s joyful, brain-friendly learning environment.

Research shows that students are more likely to achieve academically when they are involved in a learning environment that is emotionally healthy, stimulating, and sets high expectations.




Heads' Letter

Mrs. Maria Cardona, Mrs. Telma Largent, and Ms. Jennifer Jagdmann – along with their math, science, and language and literature classes – took advantage of an exciting opportunity to be recognized as leaders in international education!

Rachel French and Carla Marschall, co-founders of Connect the Dots Education chose Corbett Prep to showcase the work of teachers and students as exemplary models of concept-based inquiry. To guide educators in understanding what concept-based learning looks like in the classroom, French and Marschall are writing a book with supporting photographs and video content outlining instructional strategies that can support students in forming transferable understanding. Our teachers and students were videotaped on Monday and Tuesday modeling these concept-based inquiry strategies to positively influence educators worldwide.

Concept-based learning refers to a curriculum organized around big ideas that support transferable understanding. It develops creative and critical thinking in students and increases engagement and motivation.

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We are delighted to welcome two groups of international students and teachers who arrived to study with us this week! Corbett Prep coach Ivan Romero organized a visit for 11 student teachers and coaches from the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia to learn the M.O.R.E Model for instruction from our Physical Education Master Teachers. Each afternoon they also experience training by Dr. Swarzman regarding the power of a positive psychology mindset as well as the curriculum for appreciating and understanding the uniqueness of all learners and players!

On Oct. 8, our Spanish team and host families welcomed 12 students and their teachers from Ramón y Cajal in Madrid. The students are in fourth through eighth grade. All students will have an opportunity to help them with their English and practice their Spanish. Every year this is a highlight for our community and our international visitors!

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