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A Morning at Middle School:
Fifth Graders Preview Sixth Grade at Corbett Prep

Fifth graders experience Middle School during a hands-on sixth-grade orientation.

sixth grade orientation

Fifth graders conduct experiments in a Middle School science class as part of a preview of sixth-grade life.

Dec. 2, 2014 (TAMPA, Fla.) – Fifth graders had an opportunity to immerse themselves in sixth-grade life during a morning at Middle School, crossing Orange Grove Drive to meet their future teachers and see for themselves what awaits them in Corbett Prep classrooms next year.

Every year, Corbett Preparatory School of IDS invites its current fifth graders to preview Middle School life and its academics by having them spend time in the core classes in which they will enroll the following year. It is an interactive experience designed to assist in the transition from the East to the West Side of campus.

Offered each fall, the sixth-grade orientation helps students learn about the many options available in Middle School and answers questions about what to expect. Parents attend their own orientation separately as guests at an open house.

Middle School teachers planned mini-lessons for the student groups, appealing to multiple learning styles with brain-based activities.

Everyone donned goggles in science for an investigation lab where they tested the acidity of mystery liquids. In English, teacher Kat Quin guided students through new vocabulary words so they could “stun, amaze and occasionally, stupefy” their audiences. Social Studies guests journeyed to Egypt and became archaeologists trying to rebuild the ancient White Chapel. The math team used clocks to introduce modular arithmetic, a concept students will build upon in the future with more complicated applications.

The trip to Middle School also gave fifth graders a chance to hear directly from students who had been in their shoes.

sixth grade orientation

Sixth graders offered tips to the incoming class about schedules, time management and handling new and additional responsibilities.

Sixth graders wrote letters packed with words of wisdom, answering many of the questions they had when they started Middle School. They also shared electives they love, what it’s like to have a locker, how they manage their time and the ways they stay organized.

“It is awesome being a student in Middle School at Corbett Prep, with all of the helpful teachers and friends,” one sixth-grade girl wrote. “They will ensure you have a great year.”

Corbett Prep’s Middle School balances a rigorous academic environment with a caring learning community. Highly trained teachers provide a strong support network and continue the personalized learning experience that begins with PreK3, preparing students to soar in whatever high school they choose.

The preview of a sixth-grade orientation energized many of the students about the upcoming year.

“I can’t wait for all the classes I’m going to take,” Kyle Fanelli said.


Founded in 1968, Corbett Preparatory School of IDS (formerly Independent Day School - Corbett Campus) is a fully accredited, nonsectarian private school located in Tampa’s Carrollwood neighborhood. The school serves over 500 students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade and offers the International Baccalaureate program of study for all students. Teachers are endorsed in gifted education through a master’s level grant with the University of South Florida College of Education. Corbett Prep balances a dynamic, nurturing and safe learning environment with high standards and high expectations to develop a positive approach to life and learning. Corbett Prep has become recognized as an exemplary school with over 7,000 visitors observing and learning from Corbett Prep teachers. For more information, visit or contact the Admissions Office at (813) 961-3087.