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Live from Corbett Prep! Sixth Grade Students Deliver Moving Monologues in the 14th Annual People Fair

Corbett PrepFeb. 5, 2013 (TAMPA, FL) – What do Marie Curie, Steve Jobs, Jackie Robinson and sixth grade Corbett Preparatory School of IDS students have in common? They all exemplify many of the multiple International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme Learner Profiles: principled, reflective, openminded, caring, knowledgeable, thinker, inquirer, risk taker, balanced, and/ or communicator.

Studying influential people from the past brings history to life and offers preteens unique opportunities for selfdiscovery. For the fourteenth year, sixth graders and their teachers collaborated on this multidisciplinary unit that integrates English, humanities, technology, history, and drama. The project culminates in the People Fair.

Corbett Prep“How can one person’s accomplishments positively affect the lives of many?” With this guiding question in mind, sixth graders conducted advanced, in-depth research into the lives of the historical person of their choice. As a result, students wrote an essay, created an electronic timeline of significant life events, and produced a display including “artifacts.” Additionally, the students developed a first-person monologue and, in costume and often with an authentic accent, they performed before an audience of parents, invited guests, and intermediate students.

Sixth grader Karlin Edwards, who was Eleanor Roosevelt at the People Fair, said the project was a “great learning experience for us all and allowed us to express ourselves in the process.”

Corbett Prep“Eleanor Roosevelt made such a difference in the lives of women, children, and our nation. She reflected the IB Learner Profiles of caring as she improved the lives of many as well as risk-taker as she defied the traditional roles of women and First Ladies.”

Social Studies teacher Chris Ochoa said of the assignment, “Our greatest hope is that through their research, the students will connect the positive influences of famous people of the past to today by sharing their insights with our younger students. Part of that process is learning what it means to be a presenter…a storyteller in the limelight.”

“I really enjoyed writing and memorizing my monologue, acting the part, and seeing the faces of the students in the audience during the presentation,” said Tyler Hostler Mathis.

“I learned that Houdini was definitely a risk taker who was also very knowledgeable. That was an important combination for him—he needed knowledge to take risks.”

When asked how Eleanor Roosevelt would want to be remembered, Karlin Edwards reflected for a moment.

“Actually, she would not ask to be remembered. She was such a humble person and because she was caring, she just wanted to improve the lives of people.”

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