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Letters Q and U Wedding– Corbett Prep PreK4 Students Celebrate Lifelong Learning

Feb. 22, 2013 (TAMPA, FL) – Corbett Preparatory School of IDS PreK4 teachers introduced the inseparable couple qu to their students using the strategy “See, Think, Wonder,” outlined by Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church, and Karin Morrison in their book Making Thinking Visible: How to Promote Engagement, Understanding and Independence for All Learners. The students quickly connected and made observations as to what they “see,” “think,” and “wonder” when they look at images representing words that begin with qu to add to the chart on the classroom wall.

PreK4 teachers officiated the wedding of Q and U for students as honored guests.

PreK4 teachers officiated the wedding of Q and U for students as honored guests.

Lessons in all Corbett Prep classrooms can be seen, heard, and are always “experienced” as part of the school’s philosophy of creating lifelong learners. The q and u unit was introduced to the PreK4 students in a purposeful way designed to ignite interest and spark questions right away.

For this unit on the blend qu, students contributed thoughts and created lists as to everything they “saw” when they looked at images of qu words– queens, quarters, quakes. After posting these lists, students were asked to share what they “thought” about the items and why. Finally, they “wondered.” They wondered about each item which means they were, most importantly, asking their own questions.

Students cut out ducks who “quietly quacked” the word lists in word bubbles and quickly noticed the pattern that u always follows q to produce the /kw/ sound. AHA!

In addition to reading qu stories, charting qu words, playing qu games that included Venn diagrams and thinking maps, the PreK4 students “lived” their qu words through hands-on activities designed to reinforce their knowledge.

In each phonics unit, teachers focus on letter formation and handwriting as well as phonemic awareness by listing, writing, and drawing words that use the letter/blend of the week. Many activities involve teamwork and collaboration. Additionally, in order to address each level of mastery, some work, such as writing, involves one-on-one work with the teacher.

“There is meaning behind everything we do,” said Lori Hohmann, PreK4 teacher.

Teacher Ashleigh Elozory said since q takes u everywhere she goes, a wedding for the two letters seemed fitting. So Ms. Elozory and fellow PreK4 teachers Teresa Krig, Lori Hohmann, and Alejandra Izquierdo planned a memorable celebration to which each student was invited as an honored guest.

Dressed as letters of the alphabet, the PreK4 students attended the wedding fit for a queen and celebrated in a reception with quirky music and quite delicious treats.


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