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Corbett Prep’s Magical Musical Theatre Performances

Corbett Prep’s Magical Musical Theatre Performances May 10, 2013 (Tampa, FL) –  After just minutes in the audience of the Warriors’ Pride Chorus performance of “G2K Once Upon a Mattress,” Rodgers and Hammer- stein’s quirky adaptation of “The  Princess and the Pea,” spectators quickly forgot the actors were only in the fourth and fifth grades.

Warriors’ Pride, a Corbett Preparatory School of IDS chorus composed of fourth and fifth grade students, offered four spectacular performances of the entertaining play featuring two different casts. The show offered audiences a magical musical theatre experience that reflected months of practice and fine tuning.

Under the direction of music teacher Michael LeBlanc, now in his fifteenth year at Corbett Prep, and who is supported by an abundance of fine arts teachers, Warriors’ Pride features 65 student performers.

Warriors’ Pride Chorus members shine as stage managers, set designers, actors, dancers and chorus members.

Warriors’ Pride Chorus members shine as stage managers, set designers, actors, dancers and chorus members.

“Warriors’ Pride Chorus offers opportunities for kids to shine in different ways – as actors, dancers, chorus members, and stage managers,” said LeBlanc.

Research supports the importance of music in education as it is proven to support and enhance academic achievement and social development. As students must tap into multiple skill sets when engaged in music, opportunities to connect in other subject areas as well as cooperate as a team are optimized.

The Warriors’ Pride Chorus is one of the many opportunities students at Corbett Prep have to explore music. All students from PreK3-8th grade participate in music class twice a week. Students who choose to extend their musical experiences to more advanced levels can join The Spirit of IDS Chorus (third grade), Warriors’ Pride Chorus (fourth and fifth grades), Middle School Musical Theatre (sixth through eighth grades), or Beginning and Advanced Bands (fifth through eighth grades).

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