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Athletics at Corbett PrepAt Corbett Preparatory School of IDS, we believe that physical education should be an important part of every child’s learning. We offer a broad and exciting athletic program responsive to differences in children’s age, size, sports interests, experience, skill level, and desire for competition. The program combines age-appropriate physical education experiences with a variety of developmental, intramural, and competitive sports that meet the needs of all students.

All students in PreK3- 8th grade participate in physical education. Intermediate and Middle School students are encouraged to join after-school sports programs as well.

Please contact Coach Heller for more information at
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Team sports offerings for the Middle School grades (6-8) are as follows:


  1. Cross Country (boys & girls – 4th – 8th grade)
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  2. Soccer (boys & girls)
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  3. Volleyball (girls)
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  4. Cheerleading


  1. Basketball (boys)
  2. Basketball (girls)
  3. Track (boys & girls – grades 4-8)
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  4. Cheerleading
  5. Wrestling


  1. Baseball (boys)
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  2. Softball (girls)
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  3. Tennis (boys & girls)
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AthleticsDEVELOPMENTAL SPORTS are available after school for grades 3-5 as part of our After-School Activities Program. Skill development and camaraderie are the focus. Sign-up sheets arrive in the Thursday folders.

In the Middle School, there is growing interest in our competitive sports program. A great majority of our Middle Schoolers choose to play on one or more athletic teams over the course of the year. At the beginning of each season, a separate flyer describing in great detail the athletic opportunities open to students of different age levels at Corbett Prep for the school year will be distributed.

We encourage our athletes to keep a balance between their commitment to the team and their academic responsibilities. Athletes are expected to meet academic and behavioral requirements in order to participate in athletics. In order to stay on a team, students must maintain academic grades of C or above and conduct and effort ratings in the Satisfactory to Exceeds Expectations range. Corbett Prep has long been committed to the belief that every student who goes out for a team and makes a conscientious effort should regularly participate in the team’s games, regardless of skill level.