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REQUIRED POLO SHIRTS Corbett Prep polo shirtCorbett Preparatory School of IDS polo shirts are required for ALL students for ALL school events and field trips. Remember, students arriving to school without a Corbett Prep polo shirt on the day of a special event or field trip will be billed $25.00 for youth sized and $28.00 for an adult sized shirt.
Corbett Prep PE UniformAll MIDDLE SCHOOL students are required to dress in the Corbett Prep P.E. uniform consisting of Corbett Prep gray t-shirt and Corbett Prep black shorts for all P.E. classes. Dressing in uniform is required for every P.E. class along with appropriate supportive athletic shoes. PLEASE NOTE: As with all personal items, we require that P.E. shirts and shorts be marked with your child’s name, both on the inside label and in the appropriate area on the front of the uniform. We encourage our students to use their P.E. lockers so they can easily keep up with their uniforms. Dressing in uniform for each class is required as part of their P.E. participation grade.
ORDERING/ PAYMENT Apparel Order FormOrders for all polo shirts and Middle School P.E. uniforms can be taken either in person, by phone, or by mail. The order form can be found online here. Orders placed by fax and phone may be paid by MASTERCARD OR VISA ONLY. You may also place orders by mail using MASTERCARD, VISA, CHECK OR MONEY ORDER for payment. Please return the attached order form to confirm your order. Please note that your MASTERCARD/VISA information or check must accompany your order to ensure that your child will have his/her Corbett Prep polo shirt and P.E. uniform by the first week of school.


School is the workplace for students until they are ready to go out on their own. This is their job and their work environment. Adhering to appropriate dress expectations prepares students for real-life work expectations. In order to minimize teacher and administrative time in monitoring appropriate clothing, the dress code guidelines will be more specific. The criteria are designed to promote a positive self-image for the student and maintain proper decorum for a learning environment. All items should be clean, in good repair, represent modest dress, present a neat appearance, and be totally appropriate for a school setting. The guidelines below are to make it clear that articles of clothing that contain offensive or distracting messages and/or pictures are unacceptable. Since everyone’s idea of unacceptable is often different, we seek to clarify the gray areas altogether.

Dress expectations for MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY are as follows:

  1. REQUIRED options include polo style, buttoned-down collared or Oxford shirt, and/or crew neck t-shirts with sleeves. Khaki or black pants or shorts are RECOMMENDED for field trips and special events.
  2. REQUIRED: All shirts/pants/shorts may be any solid color or pattern (i.e., paisley, plaid, stripes, polka dots) with or without a small logo displayed. (Use the Corbett Prep logo on field trip shirts as a guide.) Shirts/pants/shorts with ANY writing or ANY pictures are to be left for places other than school (except for Friday’s theme days).
  3. NOTE: All Corbett Prep t-shirts or polo shirts are acceptable with or without writing. We encourage any Corbett Prep shirt to be worn to show pride in and appreciation for Corbett Prep – YES!
  4. REQUIRED: Shirts for both boys and girls are to be a length that can easily be tucked in.
  5. REQUIRED: Please note that skirts, shorts, and skorts must be 3 inches above the knee or longer. Long pants are always an option. All pants must be in good condition and school appropriate. Pants with rips, holes, or tears are definitely non-examples.
  6. REQUIRED: Boys’ and girls’ undergarments must be covered by shorts or pants.
  7. REQUIRED: Shoes must be closed-toed for safety at play and healthy outdoor activities. Athletic shoes  are preferred daily and are required for all PE and intramural classes.

FRIDAY OPTIONS: The Middle School Student Council and the eastside Leadership Council will have the responsibility and opportunity to gather ideas from all students to make Fridays special theme days. Sports days, vacation t-shirt days, cartoon character days, pajama pants days, spirit days, and other ideas for special clothing days will give the students ownership, leadership decision-making strategies, and latitude for options within reasonable boundaries. The themes will be announced in Monday Morning Meetings and posted on the Corbett Prep website monthly so that students can plan ahead.

NOTE 1: The field trip polo shirt is required for every field trip and most special events. The field trip shirt has helped to increase safety off campus as well as build pride and spirit for our school.

NOTE 2: We will adhere to the above dress code policy. Students needing shirt reminders will be charged for their choice of a Corbett Prep colored polo-style or crew- neck shirt with a Corbett Prep logo.