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Corbett Prep Art Exhibit Spotlights Student Work,
Art Appreciation

Viewing the student art exhibit encourages conversations about artwork and increases respect for all art forms.

student art

PreK3-8th grade created paintings, collages, sculptures and more for the student art show.

May 7, 2015 (TAMPA, Fla.) – Nevelson-style sculptures created in candy colors. Flowers and palm trees glowing in neon. Curved clay originals artfully arranged. Pastel paper layered to evoke topographical maps. Self portraits emerging from torn paper. Drawings and paintings in multiple media, carefully matted and thoughtfully displayed.

The annual student art exhibit at Corbett Preparatory School of IDS has transformed the Farish Center into a gallery to showcase student work and foster art appreciation.

To prepare, Corbett Prep art teachers comb through hundreds of projects students produce in class since the year began.

Teachers select at least one example of art per student, seeking to balance different types of art with pieces that show students’ best efforts.

“We’re looking at each child’s art individually, and we’re looking for something that makes them proud or that shows who they are,” said art teacher Debbie Kerr.

Every grade is represented, from PreK3 through 8th grade, and students of all ages enjoy wandering through the exhibits. The younger students see the types of projects they can look forward to in future grades. Older students look at younger children’s work and appreciate their effort because they have been in their shoes.

The diversity of the artwork reflects student creativity and inspires discussions about the broad applications of art. Students learn about art history and famous artists as well as how art ties into their daily lives. Drawing a flower, for example, can teach about symmetry and fractions as students see how something is divided into thirds, fourths and fifths. Students also gain an understanding of how art works in various professional fields, such as graphic, home, fashion or landscape design.

Watching peer performances helps students practice being a respectful audience, and visiting the exhibit together encourages them to talk about art. The experience increases respect for all art forms and generates connections to other cultures, countries or historical periods.

The Corbett Prep student art exhibit opens on May 7 and runs through May 13. It coincides with the spring fine arts performances on May 7 and 8. Audience members are encouraged to walk to the Farish Center after the musical performances to tour the exhibit.

student art
2015-05-08-FAN-Doyle (1)
2015-05-08-FAN-Doyle (3)
2015-05-08-FAN-Doyle (4)
2015-05-08-FAN-Doyle (5)
2015-05-08-FAN-Doyle (8)
2015-05-08-FAN-Doyle (12)
2015-05-08-FAN-Doyle (13)
2015-05-08-FAN-Doyle (14)
2015-05-08-FAN-Doyle (16)


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