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Arts for All Ages Flourish at Corbett Prep

Performances, displays and competitions give opportunities for Corbett Prep students to shine in arts education.

Corbett Prep Iron Artist

Middle School students proudly represented Corbett Prep at the Iron Artist competition.

March 24, 2014 (TAMPA, Fla.) – Television has its Iron Chefs. Corbett Prep has Iron Artists.

Five Middle School teams from Corbett Preparatory School of IDS recently participated in Blake High School’s Iron Artist competition. Teams tested their artistry, creativity and ability to think on their feet as they competed to create an original fictional character in only 30 minutes.

Like the Iron Chef television show, the Iron Artist competition gave participants a theme and limited amount of time to create unique art. Artists were asked to create two-dimensional art, three-dimensional art or both using only materials Blake High School provided. They also had to write a brief description about their creation. Everything they made had to tie into the challenge to design a new bee mascot for Blake.

Under the direction of Corbett Prep art teacher Jim Vyverberg, 16 Middle School artists attended the contest to face several other middle schools. One of the Corbett Prep teams — “The Three Artskiteers,” eighth graders Rhea Thielbar, Seth Will and Gabriella Sayre — won the middle school division. Four additional creative teams represented Corbett Prep:

  • Team Warriors: Emily Quin, Hannah Hill, Caitlin Lund and Whitney Kasenetz
  • Team Fabulicious: Gabriella Campisciano, Elise Beachy, Hollie Perry and Madison Collins
  • Team ST: Taylor George and Sophe Dunnivant
  • Team Minato: Ian Vokoun, Ben Hanson and Norman Bukingolts

Indeed, arts education is flourishing at Corbett Prep for all ages.

Primary students gave energetic performances at their dance recital.

Primary students gave energetic performances at their dance recital.

A showcase of dancers from PreK3 through second grade provided showstopping performances in the Primary Dance Recital. Audiences enjoyed seeing what students learn in dance classes and how the choreography stimulates their brains, builds self-confidence, enhances conflict-resolution skills and provides physical benefits.

PreK3 students also proudly displayed their artistic talents at the annual art “museum” where they displayed paintings, collages, mosaics and sculptures they had created. After studying masterpieces from around the world, the budding artists sketched their own versions of the Mona Lisa, painted their own Starry Night and even wrote poetry about themselves. Corbett Prep teachers know that exposing and engaging young children in meaningful artistic experiences stimulates future creative exploration — and, quite possibly, cultivates Iron Artists for Middle School!


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