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Gifted Program

Corbett Preparatory School of IDS Partnered with the University of South Florida College of Education

In order to raise the ceiling for all learners, Corbett Prep embarked on a collaborative partnership with the Gifted Program at the University of South Florida College of Education under the leadership of Dr. Elizabeth Shaunessy, the head of the program. She effectively immersed the entire school in an intensive study of the multitude of ways students can be gifted along with the study of creativity, self-esteem, problem solving, assessment, and curriculum design.

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The content and instruction were relevant, motivating, inspiring and, in some instances, life-changing as we increased our knowledge about the literature, research, and strategies that focus on stretching the learner and capitalizing on unique gifts!

After five graduate-level courses in five straight semesters, both the administrators and faculty earned endorsement in gifted education thanks to the leadership of  Dr. Shaunessy and the vibrant energy of the Corbett Prep team.

Back To Our Roots

Corbett Preparatory School of IDS (formerly Independent Day School – Corbett Campus) was founded by Marilyn Gatlin and Betty Anderson after they had completed their Masters’ Degrees in the University of South Florida ‘s first Gifted Education Program. They were part of Dr. Dorothy Sisk’s, a prominent national leader in Gifted Education, first cadre of gifted education graduates. They were headed to be part of establishing a program in the public schools.

With the assistance of their mentor Dr. Sisk, however, these two visionary leaders decided that Gifted Education was really for and about all learners and proceeded to establish Independent Day School under that premise in September, 1968. (See History).

Forty two years later, Corbett Prep received official confirmation of the grant/contract/collaborative it had received, allowing all of the teachers and administrators to study and earn the endorsement under the leadership of Dr. Elizabeth Shaunessy, Gifted Program Director, the USF College of Education.

Our Goal Is Clear: Raise the Ceiling If and When We Hit Our Heads!

Gifted education “is about all learners.” Being prepared to give our students the very best based on research and best practices takes continuous training. We continue to keep our teachers and staff excited about learning so that in turn they continue to transfer that enthusiasm and joy for learning to our students. Dr. Shaunessy scored a home run with our faculty as an engaging, knowledgeable, and motivating professor. It is a tough job to meet our teachers’ standards as they have extensive training, expected when accepting the position of a Corbett Prep teacher. Dr. Shaunessy brilliantly captured everyone’s excitement.