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Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Faculty Development: Building a Dynamic Learning Community 

Corbett Preparatory School of IDS aligns works with actions in creating a vibrant learning community that starts with teachers and staff. We have been able to attract and keep “first-class” teachers due to our professional staff development policy. This policy respects and recognizes the teacher as the key to the future. We can show our gratitude for their service to society through respect, support, and mega-opportunities for continued growth. We have, therefore, focused on training to support their valuable work in developing human potential for learning and living that will leave a legacy for which all can be proud.

Teacher training and study are part of what we do here
at Corbett Prep.


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It all starts by identifying and developing faculty who seeks to be known for their life-long learning focus. We pride ourselves in embracing the Olympic Mentality Model into all we do as educators, whereby the best are always working to be better.

In the Olympics, it’s called “Going for the Gold” or breaking and creating new records. For our own purposes, “winning” means both teachers and students win when we strive for excellence in the classroom. Look up to the sky – there’s plenty of room at the top!

It means building in the TIME for study, reflections and review, review, review. With afternoon-in service every Tuesday, half-day workshops once a month as well as a week of intensive training prior to school opening each year, we provide the clear message that we are a culture that supports a life-long learning mentality.

We believe this ensures that the best are always getting better in a continuous improvement model.

  • It is an expectation.
  • It is recruiting tool for new faculty.
  • It is what brings other educators to learn from and with us.
  • It is what gives the teachers confidence and a sense of enthusiasm to provide learning that is productive, applicable, and speaks to the self-worth of each child.

Children First!

If children are indeed first, then teachers need an abundance of resources to support all aspects of teaching and learning in their classrooms and throughout the campus to get the best results for students.

Our Corbett Prep teachers have grown to expect the resources necessary to support all aspects of teaching and learning. All available resources are dedicated to supporting the classrooms and the classroom environment.

Teacher Training Content and Resources Are Selected to:

  • Accelerate the learning process.
  • Increase time on and attention to classroom tasks, which correlate to increased academic achievement.
  • Provide teachers with an abundance of options to connect positively and effectively with the academic, emotional, social, and physical needs of learners.