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It's All About Kids

It’s All About Kids: Every Child Deserves a “Teacher of the Year”

written by Debbie Happy Cohen and the Faculty and Staff of Corbett Preparatory School of IDS

  • Lessons in Living A+: Leadership and Change.
  • Dozens of real-life, fun, easy-to-read, anecdotal stories about best teaching and leadership practices –  written by educators for educators!
  • Excellent classroom management techniques, founded on brain-based research, which can be applied immediately!
  • New ideas to increase student attention, motivation, and learning!
It's OK to be Smart: A Culture of Success and Respect

It’s OK to Be Smart: A Culture of Success and Respect

written by Jane Miller White, Ph.D, Professor of Mathematics.2010 

Supporting a Culture of Success and Respect

“Among the elements I have observed that support a culture of success and respect are teamwork, positive attitudes, scheduling, organization, technology, and the physical environment.”

The Art of Schooling

The Art of Schooling, “21st Century Wisdom”

written by Jie Yan, Rain Yu Guo, Jun Lian and Vanessa Xuan Yang

“…peek into how to run a school with educational wisdom. The research-based practices at Corbett Preparatory of IDS have shown us an amazing model.

“We have seen the results of a positive outlook which helps the school to create a safe, healthy, and joyful environment where students can explore and learn in a variety of ways.”


Living on the Edge of Chaos

Living on the Edge of Chaos: “Leading Schools Into The Global Age” Second Edition

written by Karolyn J. Snyder, Michele Acker-Hocevar and Kristen M. Snyder. 2008. Joyce Burick Swarzman, a former college professor and the director of an award-winning teacher training program called SCATT (Sun Coast Area Teacher Training), set out to create a continuous learning environment for the school’s faculty to advance the success of its students. Although Corbett Preparatory School of IDS is a private school, it has a public purpose. Swarzman’s A + Action Approach to Leadership and Change model guided the design of new programs and systems of learning…

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