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About Corbett Prep

About Corbett Prep

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Our school is an incredible place! When visitors walk onto our campus, they are usually in awe and amazement by its award-winning, unique beauty. Our response is always, Yes, we are blessed with a beautiful campus, but what’s inside is even better.” Visitors also easily feel what makes Corbett Prep unique when they are warmly greeted by our teachers and students who excitedly share what and how they are learning.

So what is inside? Corbett Prep has highly acclaimed teachers, always learning and studying so they can make learning magical, interesting, important, and relevant. The school fosters this love for learning through a staff who supports what the teachers do in using a strong knowledge and research base, seeking to implement best practices in education ALL at once. We study, implement, refine, and begin the cycle over again utilizing a continuous refinement process model.

That model 1) has led to extraordinary success with students, 2) has been an inspiration to other educators nationally and internationally, and 3) has provided a challenge to us to always seek unlimited options that align with student success and promote the joy in learning. Quotes like, “Turn every problem into an opportunity” or “Every problem has a solution” are not clichés at Corbett Prep; they are a way of life!

While there is a certain amount of pride for all of the recognition, academic awards, and success that we have earned, the real test of any school is in the kind of people that we “grow.” And that takes work… a lot of hard work every day to create the relationships that foster dignity and respect for self and others, compassion for the tender-hearted, and trust that a positive can-do attitude will produce powerful results.

Developing knowledgeable, reliable, healthy citizens who value one another and feel valued as human beings takes commitment, perseverance, and tolerance for the lessons that people learn along their paths in life. Buildings can be completed within a time frame and awards and honors come and go, but learning to become better people, to value each other, to value a rigorous education, and to create a culture of community spirit is a process that begins now and takes a lifetime.

Without a doubt, Corbett Preparatory School of IDS provides an extraordinary education with excellence and excitement. It began with our founders over 40 years ago, and we pride ourselves in growing and nurturing that legacy.